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I Lied – He Doesn’t Sleep Through the Night

I get asked a lot, “Does he sleep through the night?” This is one of the most irritating parenting questions, right up there with touching my pregnant belly and asking, “Was he planned?” Why do strangers care about my child’s sleep… Continue Reading →

Dear Doula

I had heard shopping around for a doula was kind of like dating…A bit nerve-wracking and awkward… Let’s face it, if we hired you as our doula, you were most likely going to see some lady bits during delivery. Then there… Continue Reading →

RAW – Round Six of A Star is Born

UPDATE: Here is the link!  To vote, scroll down to the bottom to the little black box and check “Rebecca Lemke” <3 Hi there! In less than an hour the sixth round of A Star is Born, an online version… Continue Reading →

The Booger Extraction

Hi there! It seems Bubba might be prone to boogers, and this time I am not sparing you pictures… Bubba is incredibly fond of his boogers. He normally cries if you even MENTION removing them. Last time he got a… Continue Reading →

Solids: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Hi there! We started Bubba on solids just shy of him turning six months old. He was stealing food off of our plates (babies are FAST), pretending to eat dinner with us and showing all the signs of being ready…. Continue Reading →

Round 5 – A Star is Born

Hi there! If you are keeping up with Bubba and I in A Star is Born with the nominees of 2015 Best Performance of the Year award through thepublicblogger, now is the time to vote again! Here is the link… Continue Reading →

NICU : I Hate You

“Mrs. Lemke, you need to rest.” “No.” I whispered as I stood above my baby. An unnatural shade of blue light splashed over his tiny body and reached out to the ends of the room. Nothing escaped it’s grasp. “Rest,… Continue Reading →

Noises From the Backseat

Hi there Bubba is not fond of his carseat currently. Driving to and from anywhere, especially in the dark, is an all out war. As soon as I start adjusting his chest clip and shoulder straps he begins wiggling and… Continue Reading →

Dear NICU Mom

I saw the box covered with dark blankets, leaking blue light out of the cracks and onto the floor. At first, I didn’t know your baby was inside. Then the alarms went off. Something was wrong with her heart-rate and… Continue Reading →

Round Four – 2015 Best Performance of the Year Award

Hi there! For those following the competition I am in with, tonight is the night for voting again! <3 If you’d like to vote or see my performance, or both, check it out here! Thank you <3 – New… Continue Reading →

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